Unusual Bat Facts

You’ve Probably discovered that bats aren’t really blind and that many species may echolocate (“see” their environment with their ears) but were you aware that:

1. Some species aestivate as opposed to hibernate? Who’d have Aestivation is when animals go into a dormant state during warm, dry weather conditions. This is to protect themselves from the harm the heat could do to their bodies and also to prevent themselves from drying out. Some members of the leaf-nosed bat household (Phyllostomidae), which can be located in Central and South America are thought to do so when the temperature becomes too hot.Flying Foxes, Bat, Tropical Bat

2. For a while, strange stories had been Coming from Hungary about a well-known song-bird, the great tit, feasting on bats. Usually, this bird species feeds on insects but when pickings were slim through the winter, there were reports of them turning to hibernating pipistrelle bats as a food supply. The tales were so strange that a group of biologists set out into the Bukk mountains of Hungary to learn if they were authentic or not. They probably got a small jolt when they saw it happening with their own eyes…

3. More Bird problems for bats have sometimes come in the form of starlings. All these characterful and very vocal birds have been known to sometimes evict (and even kill!)) Bats who have turned a vacant tree hollow to a roost site, so that they are able to move in.

4. In a country deep in the South-east of Europe, bats have shaken off their association with the creepy and sinister and rather are deemed to exude good luck. Based on Larousse’s Dictionary of World Folklore, bat bones are considered to be a lucky talisman at the Republic of Macedonia.

5. The inspiration for all human inventions has arrived from the plant and animal kingdoms. Bats have also set the ingenious creativity of humans alight with their wing architecture being an inspiration for the innovative sail design called the Transition Rig. Made by Dr.Richard Dryden, a lecturer in Plymouth University, this sail changes shape in response to the strength of this wind and it can also be folded up when it’s not being used, in a similar way to how bats fold their wings.

So there you Have it, 5 rare but nevertheless, true truth about bats fromĀ Fort Lauderdale Rat Removal that offer a Glimpse into their fascinating world. There continue to be many things to be Learnt about it and it’s more than likely it’ll continue to be a Origin of surprises.

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